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Conservatives of Canada: What Do You Have to Lose?

The Canadian Press/Sean Kilpatrick

This past Sunday, the Governor-General of Canada granted Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s respect to dissolve his minority government and call an early election this September and the Conservative Party is losing its mind.

There are members of the Conservative Party of Canada that seem to believe that any wrong move can cost them serious losses in this snap election, some of whom are complaining about internet memes about Justin Trudeau being “distasteful,” the National Post reported in an outsourced article to Reuters.

Currently, the Conservatives are behind the Liberals’ 37% in the polls by 9% and there is little chance they will gain any ground in time for this September. The center-right party would theoretically need to step up its game in order to even keep the Trudeau Liberals sitting in a minority government (where the ruling party has a plurality, not a majority), but it seems that they are consistently unwilling to even remain loyal to its own voters.

39% of Canadians, for example in a recent poll responded by saying they want to “drastically reduce immigration targets,” including 64% of reported Conservative voters. The Liberal Party and the New Democrats working in tandem in this minority parliament have made it the case that over 400 000 new people will become permanent residents in 2021, and the Conservative Party has no opposition to the policy on record.

This and many other issues including abortion and other socially conservative positions show a clear disconnect between the Conservative Party and actual conservatives.

There is a way to fight this, however, with the People’s Party of Canada. Now, I’m not delusional, I am certain that the People’s Party will serve only as a bludgeon against the Conservative Party, severely damaging its chances of winning an election, but that is exactly the point.

Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party are regularly criticized for “splitting the right-wing vote,” making it impossible for Conservatives to be effective, but what difference does it make? What genuine difference would there be between a Liberal government and a Conservative one? Opposition Leader Erin O’Toole supports a carbon tax and is militantly pro-free trade, abortion and immigration. He also refuses to rule out a vaccine/mask mandate nationwide and refuses to call to end the COVID lockdowns.

The only issue the Conservatives have in their favor is their opposition to internet censorship from Bills C-10 and C-36, but with their inconsistency and unwillingness to stand up to their political opponents, what choice do we have but to assume they will only create their own versions? 

So really, what do we have to lose? What are you conserving by voting Conservative? It’s time to force the Conservatives to adopt farther right-wing positions in order to be viable. We need to send them a message, that we refuse to vote for another globalist, liberal platform. We cannot allow them to believe that we will show up to vote for them regardless of what they do for us because, in the end, they work for us, not the other way around. Vote for the People’s Party to destroy the Conservatives. They’d do it to you in a heartbeat.

By: Bloo

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