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Does Every Country Have a Donald Trump?

The big question…Does every country have a Donald Trump? Well yes, but is the Trump phenomenon a result of other countries promoting right-wing populism? Perhaps. One thing we need to agree on before we continue is that Trump mainstreamed these views and they have in fact spread throughout the world.   

Let’s start with Brexit. Perhaps one of the worst decisions for young people, made by older people. The movement towards Brexit was mainstreamed and overly-politicized by Nigel Farage. He forced the hand of the Conservatives and helped them win an election, with a three-word campaign “Get Brexit Done.” Much of the rhetoric used by Farage, was in fact, anti-immigration and anti-Islamic. Heavily criticizing the EU for forcing refugees into the UK. So this means that the UK has a Donald Trump, in fact, these two have met and are even friends. 

The career of Pauline Hanson seemingly began in the late 90s and died out after her loss in 1998, but in 2016 we saw the return of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party, seeing four senate seats be distributed to her. Much of her rhetoric has been anti-immigration, anti-Islam, ultranationalistic to the point where she wore a Burqa into the senate to prove “that she could have been anyone.” Many Australians say she is the Aussie Trump and frankly how could anyone disagree. 

Alice Weidel. Now she’s interesting. Conservative. Ultranationalist. Eurosceptic. Anti-Islam. Anti-Communism. She carries views such as the opposition of same-sex marriage and anti-immigration. She believes that poorer countries in the European Union should leave, as they’re an economic burden. 

Each of these political leaders has been inspired by what Donald Trump has done and has a deep admiration for him. They have flourished politically due to Trump mainstreaming right-wing populism and the spread of Trumpism as a whole.  

Trumpism is not contained to the United States but has inspired hundreds of protests and petitions throughout the world. It has manifested in each of these candidates.  

By: J. Muir

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