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National Insurance Rise-Conservative Hypocrisy

 (Image: NBC News)

Boris Johnson and his fellow cronies clawed out of Downing Street last week to face
fellow MPs at Westminster on Wednesday after putting on their slyish cast and put
forward a bill to raise national insurance in order to pay for health and social care
The new bill chuckles at the working class- much like Johnson did at PMQs on
Wednesday. It introduces a rise of 1.25% which some have warned will impact young
and working people the hardest. This new bill will approximately cost an average
25-year-old >£12,500 across their working life, severely impacting those in the
working class while those “with the broadest shoulders” as Labour Leader Keir
Starmer puts it, get away with paying almost nothing extra with this new bill.
In PMQs, Labour Leader Keir Starmer put out this analogy: “A single mother working
on the minimum wage in a nursing home… [will] lose £87 a month due to the
Universal Credit cut, … [and] she will also be hit with a National Insurance tax rise.
She’s asked for more shifts and she can’t get them.” For more context, the Universal
Credit cut revoked vital aid to those who lost their jobs from Covid and those who
work minimum wage. With this new bill, the Conservatives are neglecting the people
they were elected to stand for and only proving that they don’t work for the working
people, but for the rich classists who fund and run the party.
During the Conservative’s election campaign, they reigned themselves as the party
of low tax and there is evidence of almost every single member of Johnson’s cabinet
stating that they will not raise taxes or they will lower taxes (along with other
statements with a similar fallacy). They are hypocrites. They no longer deserve to
regally acclaim themselves as the party that cuts taxes and saves money for the
working people. The party that promotes small government, asking for people to pay
more towards the government. Hypocrites!
All in all, Johnson has made himself a mockery to the working people and has
completely delegitimized all his election promises given that the one fundamental
promise that he made, has now been broken.
By: Harry Haste

One thought on “National Insurance Rise-Conservative Hypocrisy

  1. Well written article (for a leftist), good work! There are serious issues with politicians inflating the bureaucracy, refusing to help people.

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