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Why Democratic Socialism Doesn’t Work

Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Let’s talk about democratic socialism and why I think it doesn’t work. So what is democratic socialism? Democratic socialism is when a socialist government is elected through democratic ways. Yes, it removes some of the private property, it does not give the dictatorship to the proletariat, it is not able to adequately address the needs of all the most vulnerable and it does not have a solid end goal where all those needs are met and equity and dignity are met for everybody. Beyond this, it relies very heavily on incrementalism to get there and incrementalism is something that has been shown time and time again to be very ineffective. so because it doesn’t foundationally dismantle the system of exploitation and oppression it isn’t really a viable option especially in that I don’t have a really solid end state which really makes me believe that the workers having a revolutionary action is the best option thank you for your time.

By: Kyle Barrett

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