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My Personal Rankings of the Presidents of the 21st Century

     5. Donald J. Trump

Donald Trump has been the biggest disaster in the White House going back to Ronald Reagan, and before that Herbert Hoover! Donald Trump began his first three years ok, despite his atrociously racist, sexist rhetoric, his economy wasn’t terrible. But what I want to zoom in on is his last year in office. Trump claimed the Covid-19 pandemic as “a hoax by the democrats,” in a White House press briefing. He has demonized Dr. Fauci (a nonpolitical figure might I add) and polarized him and his research effectively turning 50% of the population against him causing millions to die. He has downplayed this pandemic to relieve the American people from panic, but in my mind, you’d want the American people to “panic” to save them from dying. He created a vaccine with operation warp speed, which I will commend him on, but he had no real rollout plan to get jabs in arms. He also refused to endorse the vaccine until recently, causing his supporters to be wary. His administration directly caused the deaths of millions and in the end, it tarnished his reputation 

     4. George W. Bush

Where to start with Bush. First of all, and most obviously, the foreign wars. The Iraq war was the most disastrous attempt at an oil grab in history. And I know this just sounds like a typical leftist claim, but I can back this up. One year before the invasion of Iraq, Iraq switched its oil sales from USD to Euros. The United States then invaded Iraq in the name of “freedom,” and immediately changed Iraqi oil sales to USD. The invasion of Afghanistan consequences is still being felt today. He signed the Patriot Act, No Child Left Behind, and many, many more harmful bills.

     3. Joe Biden

Joe Biden so far has been pretty average. First of all, let me address the elephant in the room, I do not blame him for the Afghanistan pull-out on him. Think about it, the main argument is usually, “we left billions of dollars of equipment and many citizens of our country.” Let me explain, if Joe was to try to save the equipment, it would cost much more than the equipment is worth, and we could’ve had another terrorist attack by Isis-k. So if we don’t save the equipment, it tarnishes his reputation, and if you do, and you get another attack, he’s got “blood on his hands.” And to the problem of the US citizens in Afghanistan, the way I look at it is, they’d been warned to leave since May of 2020 when Trump signed the agreement with the Taliban to get out of Afghanistan. So, in my opinion, it’s their own fault. On another note, Biden’s economy is doing generally well, with 4.5 million jobs created, however, the republicans in congress seem to want to up-end this growing economy by not raising the debt ceiling and allowing the US to default. And why are they doing this? For their own personal gain in the 2022 midterms. 

     2. Barack Obama

Barack Obama, one of the greatest charismas in the White House of all time. Obama created 17 million jobs. The beginning of his presidency was plagued by the Great Recession which he handled extremely well, the economy was losing jobs at 800,000 a month. To combat this, he signed several job opportunities reminiscent of the new deal of FDR. He ramped up bank regulation and flattened out unemployment in his first term. He conducted an operation that killed the United States’ #1 target, the man responsible for close to 3000 American deaths, Osama Bin Laden. Barack Obama had a nationalized plan for healthcare, unlike his predecessors, Obama faced an adverse economy and dug it out of recession, and overall, Obama’s two terms were extremely successful.

  1. Bill Clinton

The Clinton presidency was plagued by controversy, but don’t let it overshadow his presidency. Clinton started off with a recession much like number 2 on this list, and much like number 2, was able to save it quickly. Clinton was a warrior for women’s rights, signing a bill that eliminated restrictions on a woman’s right to choose. Clinton slashed gun crime with the Brady Act, preventing 800,000 gun deaths in the United States. In 1993, Clinton signed the 100,000 act, putting 100,000 more police officers on the street, and by ‘99, crime fell for the 8th straight year. NAFTA was a signature accomplishment during his presidency, cutting red tape with trade between the USA, Canada, and Mexico. He administered a peace deal between Israel and Palestine. In the end, Clinton ended with 24 million jobs created, the best jobs president in history.

By: Bryson Stewart

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