The Kellogg Strike, and What It Means for Your Breakfast

On October 5th many Kellogg cereal plant workers decided to go on strike. The strikes span from Nebraska to Pennsylvania. In total, about 1400 workers have gone on strike.

Kellogg and the union that represented their workers have been bargaining for almost a year now. They are talking about everything from pay to healthcare. Kellogg reported that their workers made an average of $120,000 a year. Or over 200% of the average annual income of Americans. That is also over 300% of the average American factory worker’s pay.

 In my opinion, this stunt that is being performed by the workers at Kellogg is outrageous. I think that it is very sad that these people would go to such measures for more money. We would all like more money. 

Now, I understand that not all Kellogg employees make $120,000. But they certainly make a lot more than say an employee at Walmart with an average of $31,000 a year.

The president of the union that represents the workers of Kellogg talked about how outrageous it was that the company was threatening to outsource their jobs to Mexico. He said that Americans should want food that was made in the USA. However, the US is also built on capitalism. 

Capitalism in America is an amazing thing. It is what helps make our country so rich compared to other 3rd world countries. And if these workers want to complain about money, the company has every right to give the job to grateful people.

By: Evan Moore

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