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Daniel Ortega is Set to Win Nicaragua’s Presidency

It looks like Daniel Ortega and the socialist Sandinista party will take an easy victory in the Nicaraguan elections held two days ago. The EU and US have been claiming the elections are fraudulent before the elections even started with outlets like the New York times reporting polling stations were being closed down on a mass scale while reporters on the ground are saying the opposite and these American imperialists need to lie about Nicaragua because of the success of socialism there. 95% vaccination rates during covid 50% decrease in infant mortality and child malnutrition. They’ve also established universal healthcare for women who have seen many advancements in Nicaragua society. As the U.S attempts to overthrow the Sandinista government in what’s known as “the second revolutionary period”. Facebook removes over 1000 accounts linked to the Sandinistas in Nicaragua accounts that could counter the lies currently being told about Nicaragua in the west. For more information on the Nicaragua socialist party Check out the Midwestern Marxist podcast on youtube with Ramiro Sabastion Funez a Honduran-born journalist who’s spent a lot of time on the ground in Nicaragua listen to him and you will be shocked by how many lies the U.S tells about this country. Solidarity with the Sandinistas congratulations on their election victory. 

By: Kyle Barrett

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