Is the American Families Plan Too Much?

A $3.5 trillion spending being called for as the idea of using a coin worth $1 trillion to avoid defaulting on the debt and the government just made an agreement to raise the debt ceiling to avoid defaulting. The United States gets closer and closer to defaulting each day and 3.5 trillion dollars in spending could make it happen. A lot of the things in the American family plan are important. But is the economy in the position to spend trillions of dollars? No, not only would congress be wasting time attempting to pass this bill because it would never get the votes to pass in either chamber also because the agreement to raise the debt ceiling will have all been for nothing. With the U.S. at $28 trillion and the debt being raised by $480 billion the U.S. cannot pass the American family’s plan without consequences like severe inflation, defaulting and more wasted time negotiating for a higher debt ceiling. When the government could work to tackle issues like climate change, the supply chain, and increased homicide rates.

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