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The New Social Media Platform GETTR

You might have heard of GETTR, a majority right-winged version of the social media platform Twitter. I will run down what the site is and why its sudden rise to fame is something you viewers should know about. I will discuss if modern-day conservatives should flock to this website or if it’s a website you should try to keep off your device. Before I continue I recommend you follow LeftorRight on GETTR.

What is GETTR?

GETTR is a new social media platform that launched in July of 2021, not too far ago. The CEO also known as the founder Jason Miller was the chief spokesperson for the Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign and transition and was a Senior Advisor to the Trump 2020 re-election campaign. Jason Miller commonly posts on Twitter to promote his social media app. Mr. Miller likes to also post his disapproval of Twitter’s bias and alleged censorship of right-winged social media activists and creators. The app claims to be for all sides of the political spectrum even though its primary audience is right-winged creators. The app also likes to call itself ‘cancel free’. This app can be compared to the social media app Parler which also likes to call itself a platform in which you can express yourself freely. Parler is banned on the Google Play Store and has controversy for it containing far-right users, QANON, and anti-Semitism.

Why are so many republicans flocking to the app?

Well for one it’s apparent, who wouldn’t want to join a website where there are people with similar political beliefs like you and nobody to stop you from posting whatever you would like?But you might be wondering why there is a sudden surge of users on this small social media platform, the answer is two people specifically, Mr. Joe Rogan and conspiracy theorist Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG). Let’s start with Mr. Rogan, Joe Rogan, an American podcaster who made his debut on GETTR amid Representative Greene’s ban and wrote on GETTR, “Just in case shit over at Twitter gets even dumber, I’m here now as well,”  keep in mind, Twitter only suspended the Representative’s personal account and not her congressional one. Representative Greene was permanently suspended due to her constant covid misinformation on Twitter. This has caused GETTR to amass one million new users and put it in the spotlight once again.

Should you use GETTR as an average American?

The answer to that depends on who you are, I cannot say that Twitter has never censored users based on their political views or who they are based on the ban on Donald Trump. It seems obvious that Twitter has cracked down on conservative users. I do not recommend using GETTR to get your daily political information due to its high bias compared to Twitter’s but if you want to post or spread your opinion I believe GETTR is for you. Keep in mind GETTR is filled with more right-winged users than left-winged users. I do understand that Twitter has more credible information but it is pretty hard to spread your ideas and express yourself without getting censored or gaining controversy, it is the exact opposite for GETTR. In the end, it is your decision and I cannot stop you, this is America, a free country. 

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