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Is Capitalism Destroying Healthcare?

Health care is a standard measure for quality of life and naturally then a quality healthcare system aimed at improving the health of the population and preventing disease should and must be adequately developed. However, healthcare, like many other things as it becomes a private business, ain’t none. And improving the lives of people but at maximizing profits.We have all heard of and in many cases even experienced, heartbreaking stories in which seniors had to choose between medication or food for the month or children in need of surgery and medication that can’t get treated because their parents can’t afford insurance. Healthcare, a fundamental human right, has become a massive business at which the center profits everyone. Insurance companies to hospitals to pharmaceutical and medical device companies are pulling in the larger and larger profits many times at the expense of the patients who were supposed to be helping this drive for higher and higher profits essentially ensures that medical treatment will always be expensive for the vast majority of people. In pursuit of higher and higher profits, medical personnel have been and continue to be heavily overworked, sometimes even being driven to become totally disillusioned with the medical field, sometimes even resulting in suicide rather than making medical education more accessible so that more doctors would graduate every year and hence the help alleviate the epidemic of exhausted and. For what doctors, capitalists and the governments they lobbying control would rather continue over working a smaller amount of medical personnel and hideaway access to medical knowledge behind incredibly expensive university feeds. This way they spent less on education and salaries, which further boosts their profits.In EU.  Many people are afraid of financial ruin that could be caused by the prospect of seeing a doctor and getting treatment. And this is only for serious illnesses. Countless Americans forgo getting treatment for less serious illnesses, instead choosing to just live with it until it resolves itself. If it ever will.This becomes even more baffling when you remember that this is happening in the richest country on Earth.Another symptom of the many issues capitalism causes within the EU. would be the narcotic addiction crisis, which has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths and disrupted the lives of millions of people. This very issue has been caused by the over prescription of opioid pain medication by 10s of thousands of private U S medical practitioners pushed by the giant US pharmaceutical.Industry in what essentially is mass murder carried out in the never ending pursuit of higher profits. Unsurprisingly, this has resulted in record profits to the tune of over $35 billion for corporations such as Purdue Pharma.At the same time that regular people are either unable to see a doctor or get treatment in fear of being financially ruined. Giant Mega Millions dollar tech companies and CEOs are avoiding paying billions of dollars in taxes so that they could avoid the inconvenience of having to contribute to any National Health programs.That would actually benefit the vast majority of people. These true patriots, who are always looking out for the well being of the nation, are also the most unflinching supporters of the privatization and demolition of any and all public programs. They proudly wave their national flag around as their direct decisions result in the suffering and death of hundreds.Thousands of their own country men every single year.Those without insurance those with pre-existing conditions, whatever those are, those who simply don’t have the money all left to rot and die in hospital waiting rooms as they personnel, equipment and expertise lay dormant. Collecting dust without being used, all because it simply isn’t profitable to help your fellow man.In the same vein from 2001 up to 2018 under Bush, Obama, and Trump, the US taxpayers have spent $5.6 trillion trillion dollars on privately delivered for profit medical care with unimpressive results in terms of population health and life expectancy.Despite this enormous investment of money in a chaotic ineffective private system, EU. The Treasury has continuously maintained it could not possibly finance a National Health program for the population. Truly, what a democracy really stands for.On top of all this, the business of advertisement is busy trying to sell healthy people treatments they don’t need while neglecting these seriously ill. They even go as far as advertising surgeries that have been proven to be absolutely useless. Those same surgeries are very, very expensive. So much for the efficiency.Of the market.On the topic of the market, some may say that this is corporatism at work and in pure capitalism, whatever that is would fix these issues. To go through it quickly though capitalists want  as much Profit as they can possibly get it makes perfect sense for them to lobby the government and manipulate the market to reach that end. Capitalism has a natural tendency towards monopoly. That’s why hospitals have been on 20 year mergers free. That’s why they’re buying up doctors practices and charging monopoly prices for both hospital and physician care.That’s why drug companies are manipulating patent law and charging monopoly prices for drugs that usually costs fractions of a dollar to produce all in order to maximize profits.This isn’t a corporatism issue. This is a capitalism issue.To top this all off, the pharmaceutical companies have created a nearly. Lopian version of the world in which of the most basic life saving drugs have had their prices increased by 101,000 even 10,000%, despite the costing pennies to produce? I’m sure everyone is familiar with epinephrine adrenaline, the drug used to treat severe allergic reactions and cardiac arrest. Had its price increased to more than $300 a mile, despite it costing.Less than a dollar to produce. However, there are many more examples. They aren’t spoken of or heard of in the media.Sophos Bevere drug used to treat hepatitis C costs more than $1000 per pill per pill, meaning a typical full course treatment would cost nearly $100,000. Keep in mind the production cost of a full course of treatment is less than $100. Barre method mean a drug that treats toxoplasmosis.Is sold at more than $700 per pill, despite it costing less than $0.10 to produce.My benzol, a drug used to treat parasitic worm infestations, which effects more than 1 billion people worldwide, is sold at more than $800 per pill in EU. S despite it costing less than a cent, sometimes less than 1/10 of a cent even to produce. Why would life saving drugs that cost pennies to produce be sold at such ridiculous prices, particularly in the US because of profit of course. Mind you, these aren’t rare drugs that are barely used or prescribed. These are all drugs from the World Health Organization’s model. List of essential medicines which contain the medication considered to be the most essential to the health care system. I won’t even touch the topic of vaccination concerning the BCG.Vaccine rabies vaccine, HPV vaccine amongst others. Look that up yourself if you really want to be disgusted. To embarrass the system even further, horribly blockaded third World countries like Cuba had managed to provide far better healthcare to virtually all its population Despite its lack of resources and illegal embargo that is impoverished the country for more than half a century and constant attempts at destabilization by EU The real crime however is that EU S in its ruling class refused to provide universal health care, not because they can’t because they would cut into their bottom line profit.Now, some may say that the Nordic or European model is the way to go then.The problem with this is that the European people about these concessions from their governments through bloody and difficult struggle by far left groups that literally and figuratively bride these concessions out of the capitalist class. In the end, though, they were just concessions which can be taken away at any time as we see now, slowly but surely, austerity has taken.Root and slowly erode all the public programs that Europeans have enjoyed since then. Or two. The concessions won by the people through painful struggle are and will always be under attack. Under capitalism, we need to consolidate these gains, not lead them to the winds of the ruling class.When is the richest country on Earth? We see such a broken system that outright neglects the needs and wants of the people for health care and healthy life. Then maybe we should start looking for some alternatives.

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