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Palin: The Ghost of GOP Past or Present

Former Governor of Alaska, and Vice Presidential Candidate: Sara Palin has officially entered the world of GOP Politics–but it would seem that the landscape has changed since her run for Vice President in 2008. 

Palin had contemplated a Senate run within her own state, and even “prayed” on the same. Alas, Palin has announced her candidacy for the recently vacated House seat in her home-state (Alaska’s one and only Congressional seat). Palin had been one of the Republican Party’s first populists, and was the first woman to be selected by the GOP to appear on the National Ticket in 2008. Her populist-rhetoric acted as a sharp contrast to the late-Senator, John McCain (a moderate of Arizona) in the 2008 General Election. Palin was often criticized within the media, and acted as media fodder for SNL and other late-night TV shows. 

Alas, keep in mind: Palin is not guaranteed to receive the nomination. There are a whopping 50 other contenders for the seat, but Palin still holds one key variable: name recognition. In fact, whether or not the voters of Alaska favor Sara Palin may be a moot point–Palin is recognizable enough to reach a plurality in most cases. 

My thoughts: buckle up, Alaska! For better or for worse, Palin has entered the political arena–and she won’t go down without a fight! 

By: Max Whalen

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