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What is the “Don’t Say Gay’ Bill

Over the past week a somewhat controversial bill was passed in Florida many leftist dubbed it the don’t say gay bill . The actual name of this bill is parental rights in education which is what most of this bill covers. There’s nothing in the bill that says don’t say gay or even alludes to it i’ve included the entire bill at the bottom of this article so you can read over it yourself . What seems to be the controversial part is that the bill states schools may not teach children grades three and under about sexual orientation and gender identity which I think is OK . When you were in third grade did you question your gender identity or would you have even known what that meant? Let’s let kids be kids . Would you want your seven or eight-year-old to know anything sexual whatsoever no of course not. On a final note I think it’s very important we don’t just listen to slogans instead we should read the actual laws and resolutions and form our own opinions.

By: Walker Willis

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